Grauer Tag? Selber Schuld!

Die Tage werden kürzer, es wird kalt und vorallem GRAU! Wiso also nicht etwas Farbe in den tristen Alltag zaubern, wenns doch so einfach geht. Die Brillen von Momentum sind endlich aus Brooklyn bei uns eingetroffen. Es gibt sie in allen Farben des Regenbogens für nur 39.-

Therapiere dich selbst mit dieser kleinen Anleitung und du wirst zur dauer Grinsekatze :

Red (Base/Sacral Chakras) - Red makes you feel more energetic, outgoing and ready to move in some overt way. Red helps to motivate fire and passion, ferocity and strength. Red denotes a strong sexuality.

Orange is the color of success. It helps to expand interests and activities. Yellow (Heart/Cardiac Chakra) - Yellow encourages open mindedness and attention to detail. Yellow generates positive and optimistic qualities in those who wear it. Green (Heart/Cardiac Chakra) - Green creates calm, soothing and balancing atmospheres. Green tends to create harmony and equilibrium. Blue (Thyroid/Throat Chakra) Blue suggests spirituality and order. Those who wear it reflect a wish for peace and quiet, tranquility and even solitude. Indigo has the highest positive vibration. It combines reason with intuition and discipline with creativity. Violet (Brow/Third Eye Chakra) - Wearing violet generates the feeling of self respect and dignity. It has creative and spiritual qualities. Turquoise (Thymus Chakra) - Turquoise stimulates a quiet and reflection. It helps to clear all your thoughts and feelings, generating clarity in your communications. Magenta (Crown/Pineal Chakra) - Magenta generates feelings of softness, gentleness and kindness. It creates feelings of love and compassion.

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